Hope Thru A Vision

Homeless Shelter

The Mission of Hope Thru A Vision is to provide a temporary shelter to the homeless of Ashe County. 

Hope Thru A Vision Homeless Shelter will be Ashe County’s only homeless shelter. We are dedicated to

assisting members of the community by offering shelter, resources, and other services. Our goal is that

we will guide them to a better way of life and assist them in becoming productive members of the

community. Since November of 2020, we have assisted many individuals in Ashe County

and yet, there are still many unmet needs.

Thank You Skychange!

Pictured L to R: SkyChange rep, Makisha Howell, Hope Thru a Vision reps Shannon Barr, President Michael Barr, Samantha Bauguess, Misty Hohman, Jim Parsons and SkyChange rep Myla Farmer. Round up your SkyLine/SkyBest bill today & donate to SkyChange to help local non-profit 501c3's in our service area for less than $12 a year. Learn more about SkyChange and sign up: www.skybest.com/skychange. 

We currently have 21 homeless individuals in Ashe County, we need your help to help those in need!

Point In Time Counts

A point in time count (PIT) is an annual survey of homeless individuals in the United States conducted by local agencies 

2024 PIT Ashe County

2023 PIT Ashe County

2022 PIT Ashe County

2021 PIT Ashe County

2020 PIT Ashe County

2019 PIT Ashe County